Pegasus Opera II 5.0

Pegasus Opera II Version 5.0
Opera II is designed to grow dynamically. As more business needs emerge, you can add the necessary components to create a solution that fits.

With the launch of Opera II Version 5, Pegasus seeks to build on their enviable stronghold with the strongest and most significant release from Pegasus for several years. Six years after its launch, Opera II continues to transform, evolve and persistently raise the bar on everyone's expectations.

After many years of research and development, Opera II Version 5.0 delivers the following:

Major user interface refit

The entire Opera II user experience has been transformed with a contemporary and fresh look and feel, including brand new navigation controls.

50 significant elements of brand new user functionality


  • Advanced purchase order processing
  • Payroll history
  • User definable views in costing & payroll
  • Online filing manager in-year form submissions
  • Major import improvements

SQL Server 2005 Support

Opera II can now run on Microsoft SQL Server as well as 2000, with full utilisation of SQL Server's data transformation and server replication services, and automation of administrative tasks, such as backup with better integration with other third party SQL Server based applications.

For more details please download the Opera II Version 5.00 Guide to Enhancements

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