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What is Opera Remote?
Opera Remote is a solution from Raven Computers Ltd that utilises the power of Microsoft Windows NT/2000 to significantly enhance the capabilities of Pegasus Opera.

Run Opera at high speed over:
  • Dial-up connections, slow links and wide area networks
  • Dial in from home
  • Access Opera from a branch office
  • Access Opera from a laptop with a mobile phone

Opera Remote will also allow you to run Opera on low specification hardware and potentially on dumb terminals. As Opera Remote is resilient to failure, you can turn a client off in mid transaction without damaging your data. Automatically recovers from line disconnection, Supports unlimited users and now with: local printer support, faster access and load balancing.

New in Version 6.x:
  • Automatic Reconnection - Ideal for unreliable cellular connections
  • Session Shadowing & Takeover - View a remote operator's work & assist them
  • Improved Performance - Uses less server processing power
  • Now with compression for even faster client access
  • Run multiple terminals over ISDN or Kilostream

For further information or to obtain a free trial copy click here

Opera is a product of Pegasus Software Limited. Opera Remote has been developed by Raven Computers Ltd - All trademarks are acknowledged.