Small Business


Why Raven Computers is a Small Business Specialist

We Understand Your Very Individual Requirements

Like all enterprises, small businesses are looking to improve customer care, enhance business efficiency and increase profitability. The right technology solutions can help to accomplish all these things; however, efficient systems can be expensive for small businesses with limited budgets and small staff numbers. Small Businesses are often looking to grow and therefore require systems that will grow with them. Raven Computers has the breadth and depth of expertise that your business needs now but also the knowledge and awareness to recognise what you are going to need in the future.

We do the Research For You

Small businesses want to take advantage of technological innovations as much as larger enterprises but you often have to sift through what is available and make it work sensibly and cost efficiently for your business. There is no need to buy something with 99 functions if you only ever use 5. Extra expense like this doesn't make any commercial sense and Raven, as your IT partner, can help you to understand your exact requirements so that you only invest in systems you need and that will add substantial benefit to your business without weighing your staff down with complex functionality they don't always require.

Our consultants are a ready source of recent and up to date knowledge, we know what directions technology is heading in and can advise you with confidence and certainty about the things to invest in for your business that enable you to work better.

We Have the Know How

Moving your business to server based, networked computing is a shift to an entirely new level of functionality and operability. This is a transition that Raven has made for small  companies time and time again. We can therefore manage the whole process, leaving you and your people more time to manage your business even more successfully.

We Have Your Interests at Heart

Raven likes to build a good working and long standing relationship with our customers. We make it our business to understand the hardware, operating system and software that your business uses and we will talk through your needs as you see them. We look for solutions that are extensible, scalable and that can make the best use of your current technology investment, whilst clearly articulating how the proposed solution will address your current needs and possibilities for extended growth.

We Don't Talk Jargon

We also understand that as a business owner or manager you don't have to be and are unlikely to be a technology expert. Jargon and long-windedness is not what you need, so when we talk technically we explain what we mean and articulate what you need to understand. We make you feel comfortable so you can ask questions and ensure you are receiving the service you deserve.

We Support Your Business

As most small businesses don't have an IT department of their own, we provide support and maintenance services that can start immediately after installation, to quickly resolve possible teething problems. This on-going support doesn't just include a break-fix policy, we can also monitor your systems, provide updates and make you aware of new technology developments and releases to give you the opportunity to be as up to date as possible.

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Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SBS 2003) is the complete, affordable network solution for small businesses with up to 75 computers.

SBS 2003 - Work Smarter, Not Harder

As a small business, you have limited time and resources to get the job done and keep your business up and running, and successful. Technology can simplify your daily activities while saving you time and money. SBS 2003 provides you with access to the same technology that is used by big businesses but at a fraction of the cost. What was once too expensive and complicated is now an essential and affordable advantage for your company.

Microsoft has listened to business owners and created a networking solution that meets your needs for affordable, easy to manage technology, so that you can:

  • Protect your key business information with an infrastructure that includes built-in firewall protection and guards against spam and hackers

  • Provide a dependable working environment for your company and reduce 'downtime' for your employees

  • Prevent data loss by automatically backing up company information and enabling employees to retrieve accidentally deleted files and restore earlier versions of files

  • Keep PCs and software up to date with automatic updates

With SBS 2003 you can also:

  • Maximise your employees' productivity

  • Store, find and share information in once centralised location

  • Provide employees with an internal web site so that they can find and share files and collaborate on group projects

  • Access information and resources - email, calendars, network files, internal websites, business applications - while away from the office

  • Manage version control of files so there is no wasted time looking for files or duplicating work

  • Connect with your customers more efficiently and professionally

  • Enjoy a centralised place to share and exchange information

Stay connected from virtually anywhere, anytime

  • Streamline customer communications with one-to-many fax and email

  • Host your own website and email to increase focus on your company name and increase credibility with your customers

Windows Small Business Server 2003 is the smart way to take advantage of server-based networking:

  • A reliable technology foundation that keeps your business up and running and automatically protects your critical business information

  • Enables your employees to be more productive

  • Provides a comprehensive and affordable network solution

Preserve your Technology Investment

As your business grows, you can transition seamlessly to the full line of Windows Server System product while protecting your initial investment in SBS 2003. Affordable today, scalable for tomorrow, it provides a solid building block for future technology for your business.

For a better user experience and results we recommend that you team SBS 2003 with the following Microsoft products:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional

  • Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003

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