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Bradford Chamber of Commerce - Business Plus Technology Articles The consultants here at Raven Computers have been writing technology articles for Bradford Chamber of Commerce's bi-monthly business publication, Business Plus for some time now.

These articles are written to shed some light to business managers and owners on recent technology trends, developments and issues, from a professional point of view but written very much with a non technological reader in mind.

Please click on the link below to download the back catalogue of technology articles and keep visiting this site for more updates.

June 2006 - Security on the Move

March 2006 - Mobile Management

January 2006 - More Bits More Power: 64 Bit Computing takes PCs to the Next Generation

January 2006 - Spear Phishing: Why the User can be the Weakest Point of your Network Security

November 2005 - 2006: Revolution or Evolution in the World of IT?

September 2005 - Making your Presence Felt: The Business case for instant Messaging

June 2005 - Best Before 2003: The Software Product Lifecycle & Why it is game over for NT

December 2004 - Spyware: A Silent Menace Watching your Computer?

October 2004 - Security

August 2004 - Bars on Windows

April 2004 - Spam

January 2004 - Patchwork Curtains: The Art of Windows Patch Management

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